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Sound of the Wood™
Photo 1In 2010 Sound of the Wood™will be offering a number of new products and services.
In spite of the economy, 2009 was a great year and we reinvested profits into a continuous improvement program with all our products. The results in overall design improvements, sound quality and value are stunning.
More tube gear, more high end tables and more sound for the money.
David Plummer continues to do great work for Sound of the Wood™ and I believe we have a few great new products coming out this year under theSound of the Wood™ brand.
Pic 2Stay tuned for future updates and products! Starting this year, all systems (modified turntables) will come with New Dust covers, made by“TurntableDepot”. These dust covers are high quality acrylic covers designed to compensate for the elevated deck our tables come with.
The 115vac motor was redesigned in late 2008 to provide lower noise and better stability without the extended break-in time required by the originalSound of the Wood™ 115vac model. This motor and the external power supply are now standard with all tables sold.

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