Chủ Nhật, 13 tháng 2, 2011

XP-3060M - 3in-6out Matrix System Loudspeaker Controller with mic/line in, Xilica

Low Cost -115dB Digital Matrix System / Loudspeaker Controller - 96kHz, 8 PEQ, 31-Band GEQ, Delays, Mixers, In/Out Crossovers, Compressors, Output Limiters, USB/RS232/Ethernet

The XP-3060 is an 3 in 6 out professional matrix DSP system controller. 24 bit AD/DA conversion and a 40 bit floating point DSP at a 96kHz sampling rate guarantee high end audio quality. All 3 inputs offer 650ms delay, 31-band graphic and 8 parametric EQ's, a complete filter section (max 48dB) and a compressor. All 6 outputs offer 650ms delay, a 8-band parametric EQ, a complete filtersection (max 48dB) and a true RMS limiter.

The XP-3060 can be operated stand alone, but ultimate control can be achieved by using the supplied XConsole GUI for XP and Vista. Connectivity over RS232, USB and Ethernet are standard.

That makes the XP-3060 wireless ready and it can be used in a Ethernet network with max 16 units and remote control XPanel's.
The XP-3060 is an excellent choice among installers and live sound engineers that are looking for high end audio quality at a limited budget.

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